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Washington D.C. - New York - St Albans

The Vermonter service by Amtrak provides a scenic journey from Washington, D.C., to St. Albans, Vermont, with stops in major cities like New York City, Hartford, Springfield, and Burlington. Experience the beauty of the Northeast as the train travels through picturesque countryside, charming towns, and the scenic landscapes of Connecticut, Massachsetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Relax in comfortable seating, enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, and take advantage of amenities like power outlets. Whether you're exploring the vibrant cities or the serene beauty of Vermont, the Vermonter service offers a convenient and delightful travel experience.

13 hours

Trip Time

611 mi (983 km)

Trip Length



Route Highlights

Washington, D.C.: The journey begins in the nation’s capital, showcasing prominent landmarks like the Washington Monument and the Potomac River. The city’s blend of political and cultural significance sets the stage for the adventure ahead. The energetic cityscape soon gives way to the serene landscapes of the north.

Baltimore, Maryland: Passing through Baltimore, passengers witness the city’s bustling harbor and maritime traditions. The route offers glimpses of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. The melding of urban vibrance and calming waterways paints a diverse picture of Maryland’s environment.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Beyond Philadelphia, the train follows the Delaware River, revealing serene vistas and the lush Pennsylvania countryside. Historical landmarks and quaint small towns enhance the view. The cultural and natural fusion presents a multifaceted view of the region.

New York City, New York: The train provides glimpses of New York’s iconic skyline, including notable landmarks. The contrast of urban intensity with the tranquil Hudson River adds excitement to the journey. The city’s palpable energy is an unforgettable experience.

Connecticut River Valley: Following the Connecticut River, passengers enjoy picturesque views of rolling hills, farms, and charming New England towns. The lush landscapes and historic charm provide a calming, visually stunning experience.

Springfield, Massachusetts: In Springfield, the blend of innovation, cultural heritage, and the Connecticut River’s views add to the appeal. The city’s mix of history and revitalized waterfront creates an engaging experience.

Brattleboro, Vermont: Brattleboro’s unique blend of artistic community and natural beauty shine as the train enters Vermont. The Connecticut River and the town’s cultural offerings create an inviting stop. The region’s charm embodies Vermont’s artistic spirit.

Green Mountains, Vermont: As the train ascends into the Green Mountains, passengers are treated to breathtaking vistas of towering peaks and dense forests. This range’s rugged beauty and verdant scenery showcase Vermont’s wild, unspoiled nature. The Green Mountains’ pristine landscapes provide a majestic backdrop to the journey.

White River Junction, Vermont: This historic railroad town offers glimpses of Vermont’s railway heritage. The classic architecture, art scene, and landscapes provide a charming view. The blend of history and community culture adds richness.

Montpelier, Vermont: Montpelier’s compact layout, charming streets, and surrounding mountains offer picturesque views. As the smallest state capital, Montpelier presents an intriguing mix of government landmarks and local creativity.

Lake Champlain and Burlington, Vermont: Burlington offers stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. The city’s waterfront, vibrant arts scene, and culinary delights captivate passengers. Lake Champlain’s natural beauty and Burlington’s urban appeal provide a highlight of the journey.

St. Albans, Vermont: The journey concludes in St. Albans, the “Rail City.” The town’s beautiful historic district and surrounding landscapes encapsulate Vermont’s essence. The welcoming community and history-rich surroundings provide a fitting end to the ride.


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