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Valley Flyer


New Haven - Springfield - Northampton - Greenfield

The Valley Flyer service is a scenic journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts on its way to New Haven on the Connecticut coast. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Connecticut River Valley, passing through charming university towns, rolling hills, and lush meadows. As the train meanders along this captivating route, travelers are treated to the quintessential charm of New England, making the Valley Flyer a delightful and enchanting rail journey that showcases the best of Massachusetts' and Connecticut's natural splendor.

3 hours

Trip Time

102 mi (164 km)

Trip Length

Multiple Daily


Route Highlights

New Haven, Connecticut: The Valley Flyer begins its journey in New Haven, home to the prestigious Yale University. Passengers can explore the city’s vibrant arts scene, historic architecture, and culinary delights. The juxtaposition of collegiate energy and coastal charm sets the stage for the scenic trip ahead.

Hartford, Connecticut: Connecticut’s capital, Hartford, is rich in history and cultural attractions. From the gold-domed State Capitol to the Mark Twain House, Hartford’s literary and political heritage shines through. The city offers an engaging blend of historical landmarks, parks, and a thriving arts community.

Springfield, Massachusetts: Known as the birthplace of basketball, Springfield offers much to explore, including the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. The city’s revitalized waterfront and burgeoning cultural scene provide a stimulating mix of history, entertainment, and natural beauty.

Holyoke, Massachusetts: Holyoke is a city on the rise, with its beautiful canals and evolving arts and innovation scene. The train traverses impressive canals and offers glimpses of the city’s rich industrial heritage. The blend of historical significance and modern growth gives Holyoke a unique flavor.

Northampton, Massachusetts: Northampton, renowned for its arts and music scene, offers a lively downtown filled with shops, galleries, and cafes. Set against the backdrop of the scenic Pioneer Valley, Northampton’s vibrant community and beautiful landscapes offer a refreshing view of New England’s charm.

Connecticut River Crossing: As the train follows the Connecticut River, passengers enjoy tranquil vistas of this major waterway. The meandering river, dotted with small towns, bridges, and lush forests, creates an idyllic setting for reflection. The view from the train window becomes a moving portrait of New England’s natural elegance.

Greenfield, Massachusetts: Nestled in the Pioneer Valley, Greenfield serves as a gateway to outdoor activities, historic sites, and cultural events. The town’s scenic beauty, from the rolling hills to the vibrant community, makes it a charming destination. Greenfield’s blend of small-town appeal and natural splendor offers a fitting conclusion to the Valley Flyer journey.


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