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Sunset Limited


New Orleans - Houston - San Antonio - El Paso - Maricopa (Phoenix) - Los Angeles

The Sunset Limited service by Amtrak offers a captivating journey between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, California. Experience the charm of the Deep South, the beauty of the Gulf Coast, and the dramatic landscapes of the American Southwest.

Relax in comfortable seating or private sleeping accommodations and savor the amenities offered onboard, such as a dining car serving delectable meals and a lounge where you can socialize and take in the views. With the Sunset Limited service, Amtrak provides a unique and memorable travel experience that combines the rich cultural heritage of the South with the stunning vistas of the West.

46 hours

Trip Time

1,995 mi (3,211 km)

Trip Length

Three Weekly


Route Highlights

New Orleans, Louisiana: Starting in the culturally rich city of New Orleans, explore the French Quarter's vibrant music scene and indulge in famous Creole cuisine. The nearby Mississippi Delta and Lake Pontchartrain provide scenic beauty. As the train leaves the city, views of the lush Louisiana bayou set the tone for a diverse journey.

Louisiana Bayou: The train's passage through the Louisiana bayou offers an enchanting experience. Dense wetlands, cypress trees draped in Spanish moss, and wildlife such as alligators and herons can be spotted. This unique ecosystem is a serene introduction to the southern landscape.

Beaumont, Texas: In Beaumont, discover the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, showcasing the city's oil heritage. As the train traverses this area, views of the Neches River and Texas's oil fields reflect both nature and industry.

Houston, Texas: A bustling metropolis, Houston offers attractions like the Space Center and the Museum District. Enjoy the cityscape and nearby bayous. The blend of urban development and natural waterways adds a fascinating dimension to the journey.

San Antonio, Texas: San Antonio's rich history is displayed through the Alamo and the lively River Walk. As the train approaches, the Texas Hill Country's beautiful rolling landscapes come into view. The blend of cultural landmarks and natural scenery makes this a compelling stop.

Del Rio, Texas - Rio Grande: The train's crossing of the Rio Grande provides stunning riverside views and a glimpse into the border with Mexico. Del Rio's blend of Mexican and American culture, coupled with the scenic river, offers a unique experience.

Alpine, Texas: Nestled in the high desert, Alpine serves as a gateway to Big Bend National Park. The surrounding Davis Mountains and Chihuahuan Desert landscapes provide breathtaking views. The town's blend of desert beauty and Southwestern charm is a highlight of the route.

El Paso, Texas: Explore El Paso's blend of Mexican and American culture. The view of the border with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and the Rio Grande adds intrigue to this stop. The juxtaposition of two cities and countries, visible from the train, is a unique feature of the Sunset Limited.

Maricopa, Arizona - Connecting Bus Service to Phoenix: Maricopa serves as the gateway to Phoenix, Arizona's largest city. Passengers can catch the Amtrak Thruway Connecting Bus Service to Phoenix, where attractions like the Desert Botanical Garden and Heard Museum await. Back in Maricopa, the surrounding Sonoran Desert offers scenic views of cacti and desert flora, and the town's Southwestern charm provides a warm welcome to travelers.

Yuma, Arizona: The Sunset Limited's stop in Yuma offers a rich blend of history, agriculture, and desert landscapes. Explore the Yuma Territorial Prison, which once housed the Wild West's most notorious outlaws, or visit the Castle Dome Mine Museum to learn about the area's mining history. As the train crosses the Colorado River, passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the river valley, a refreshing contrast to the surrounding arid landscapes.

Mojave Desert: As the train travels through the Mojave Desert, passengers are treated to a dramatic landscape of arid plains, rugged mountains, and unique desert flora like Joshua trees. The stark beauty and expansive vistas are a mesmerizing feature of the journey.

Palm Springs, California: Palm Springs offers a chance to explore modernist architecture and luxurious resorts. The surrounding San Jacinto Mountains and wind farms add to the area's scenic charm. The contrast between the desert landscape and urban development is fascinating.

Los Angeles, California: The journey concludes in Los Angeles, a city known for Hollywood, the Getty Center, and the vibrant arts scene. As the train arrives, views of the sprawling cityscape and the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance welcome passengers. The urban and natural blend reflects the diverse character of the journey.


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