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Lincoln Service


Chicago - Springfield - St Louis - (Kansas City)

Amtrak's Lincoln Service offers a picturesque and convenient rail journey through the heartland of America, connecting the great American cities of Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. One roundtrip per day continues from St Louis to Kansas City along the route of the Missouri River Runner, creating a second one-seat service between Kansas City and Chicago (additional to the Southwest Chief, which takes a more direct route.). This scenic route takes passengers on a captivating adventure through the charming landscapes of the Midwest. As the train departs from the bustling metropolis of Chicago, travelers are treated to stunning views of the city's iconic skyline before meandering through the peaceful countryside dotted with lush green fields and quaint towns.

Along the way, passengers can unwind in comfortable and spacious seating, access free Wi-Fi, and enjoy onboard amenities. The Lincoln Service provides a delightful travel experience, blending efficiency, comfort, and captivating scenery, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers seeking an enriching journey through the heartland of the United States.

5 hours

Trip Time

284 mi (457 km)

Trip Length

Multiple Daily


Route Highlights

Chicago, Illinois: Starting from the dynamic city of Chicago, passengers can revel in the iconic skyline, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and the rich culinary and cultural offerings. Chicago's diverse architecture and vibrant arts scene are highlights in themselves.

Summit, Illinois: As the train leaves Chicago, it passes through Summit, offering a chance to admire the Des Plaines River and the historical landmarks such as the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Home. The river's picturesque views provide a calming transition from urban to suburban life.

Joliet, Illinois: Joliet's notable attractions include the grand Rialto Square Theatre and the city's casino gaming. As the train passes through, passengers may glimpse the beautiful cathedrals and arts venues that make this city unique.

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois: The expansive prairie landscapes begin to unfold as the train moves into Bloomington-Normal. The lush fields and open skies exemplify the region's natural splendor, and the cities themselves offer a mix of education, culture, and recreation.

Springfield, Illinois: The state's capital, Springfield, is rich in history, particularly connected to Abraham Lincoln. Visitors can explore Lincoln's home, the presidential library, and the majestic Illinois State Capitol. The town's historical significance permeates the atmosphere.

Carlinville, Illinois: Carlinville offers architectural gems like the Macoupin County Courthouse and outdoor adventures in Beaver Dam State Park. Travelers can appreciate both the man-made and natural beauty that resides here.

Alton, Illinois: Nearing the Mississippi River, Alton's location offers stunning river views and historical intrigue related to the Underground Railroad. The picturesque riverbanks and reflections on the water surface create a mesmerizing visual treat.

Mississippi River Crossing: The train's crossing of the Mississippi River provides a breathtaking view of this vital waterway. Its powerful flow and expansive width symbolize its role in American history and commerce.

St. Louis, Missouri: The journey concludes under the majestic Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Here, passengers can immerse themselves in the musical heritage at the National Blues Museum, visit the Saint Louis Zoo, and enjoy the city's rich cultural offerings.


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