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Heartland Flyer


Oklahoma City - Norman - Fort Worth

The Heartland Flyer offers a journey that weaves through the contrasting landscapes of Oklahoma and Texas The route offers not only a comfortable and efficient travel option but a glimpse into the soul of the American West. Along the route, passengers are treated to an array of scenic panoramas, from the urban skyline of Oklahoma City to the open plains and river valleys that have shaped the history and culture of these two states.

From the educational pursuits in Norman to the celebration of cowboy culture in Fort Worth, the route highlights the region's diversity, its passion for heritage, and its embrace of the future. Whether a local commuter or a curious explorer, the Heartland Flyer offers a journey that enriches the mind and pleases the eye, a ride that resonates with the pulse of the land it traverses.

4 hours

Trip Time

206 mi (332 km)

Trip Length



Route Highlights

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Beginning in Oklahoma City, the bustling capital of Oklahoma, the Heartland Flyer offers an opportunity to explore the city's attractions such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, dedicated to the tragic bombing in 1995, and the revitalized Bricktown entertainment district with its charming canal.

Norman, Oklahoma: Home to the University of Oklahoma, Norman offers a glimpse into collegiate life, cultural vitality, and scientific exploration. The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History showcases fascinating exhibits, while the beautiful campus invites leisurely walks.

Purcell, Oklahoma: Named after a railroad director, Purcell exudes small-town charm with its quaint streets and community pride. Its Victorian architecture and the 1895 McClain County Jail reflect a rich history.

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma: As the train glides into Pauls Valley, passengers can notice the Toy and Action Figure Museum, a delightful stop for collectors and children alike. The downtown area is home to vibrant public art installations and local boutique shops.

Ardmore, Oklahoma: Nestled between the Arbuckle Mountains and Red River Valley, Ardmore offers splendid views of Southern Oklahoma’s unique topography. Lake Murray State Park is nearby, promising adventure in fishing, hiking, and water sports.

Red River Crossing: The train's passage over the Red River, a historically significant waterway marking the border between Oklahoma and Texas, offers sweeping views and is a herald to the journey into the Lone Star State.

Gainesville, Texas: Known as the "Star of North Texas," Gainesville greets passengers with its courthouse square and historic downtown. The Frank Buck Zoo and the Morton Museum of Cooke County are treasures that provide a look into local culture.

Trinity River: As you approach Fort Worth, keep an eye out for the Trinity River's views, a vital natural resource that shaped the city's growth and offers picturesque landscapes along its meandering course.

Fort Worth, Texas: The journey concludes in Fort Worth, where the fusion of cowboy traditions and contemporary arts awaits exploration. From the Stockyards National Historic District, where cattle drives still occur, to the cutting-edge Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the city’s contrasts provide endless fascination.


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