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New York - Raleigh - Charlotte

The Carolinian service by Amtrak offers a convenient travel option between te Northeast and North Carolina. The Carolinian service connects New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, via Richmond, Virignia. The train passses through cities North Carlonian University towns like Raeligh, Durham, and Greensboro. The Piedmont service operates between Charlotte and Raleigh, with additional stops along the way. Explore the vibrant cities, charming univerity towns, and scenic beauty of North Carolina.

Relax in comfortable seating and enjoy amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi and power outlets. With the Carolinian and Piedmont services, Amtrak provides a reliable and comfortable travel experience, connecting the Carolinas and offering a convenient alternative to driving.

14 hours

Trip Time

704 mi (1,133 km)

Trip Length



Route Highlights

New York City, New York: Starting in the heart of Manhattan, the Carolinian sets off from New York's Penn Station. Don't miss the chance to explore world-renowned landmarks like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park.

Hudson River Views: As the train leaves New York, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Hudson River, with sights like the George Washington Bridge and the Palisades.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Explore historic sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and savor the local cuisine, including the famous Philly cheesesteak.

Wilmington, Delaware: Wilmington's Brandywine Park and riverfront offer scenic beauty. Nearby attractions like the Winterthur Museum provide insights into American decorative arts.

Chesapeake Bay: Catch glimpses of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and the Susquehanna River as the train travels through Maryland, an area known for its maritime heritage.

Washington, D.C.: With iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, D.C. offers a rich historical and cultural experience.

Virginia Countryside: As you journey through Virginia, enjoy the lush landscapes of the Piedmont region, characterized by its rolling hills, forests, and historic small towns.

Richmond, Virginia: Visit the Virginia State Capitol and explore the city's rich Civil War history at sites like the Tredegar Iron Works.

Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina: Raleigh's Pullen Park and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham offer lovely green spaces. Universities in the area add to the cultural vibrancy.

Piedmont Region: Traveling through North Carolina's Piedmont region, passengers are treated to views of farmland, woodlands, and picturesque small towns.

Charlotte, North Carolina: The journey ends in Charlotte, where attractions like the Levine Museum of the New South await exploration.


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